Shooterfella is a status.  A level of achievement. Something to become. It’s not only relegated to the world of basketball.  Had a meal at a restaurant and liked the food?  The chef was probably a shooterfella.  That person who stopped and asked you if you needed help when you had a flat tire?  A shooterfella.  It is the penultimate level of being, behind the much desired status of Pure Shooterfella–a level which only a few have attained.

“I want to emphasize fellas:  There are shootersfellas and there are pure shootersfellas.  There are shootersfellas and there are pure shootersfellas.  Fellas, I’m not just a shooterfella, I’m a pure shooterfella…pure shooterfella.”

-Legendary basketball Coach Toody Cirincione.

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-Daniel R. Tierney  (Tucson, Az).